Julia Colvin is the founding member and director of Spekboom Tours. Passionate about the great outdoors, sustainability and animals she has had a diverse career as a veterinary nurse, a teacher and environmental facilitator. Most days she can be found burning up the trails of the Karkloof/Howick forests or helping a local school setup a permaculture garden or library. Spekboom Tours was established as an extension of her passions and way of life. After spending many happy months backpacking and cycling around Southeast Asia, South America, Europe and South Africa, she believes cycle touring is the best way to have an authentic experience that will expose people to a culture of green living.

Why Spekboom? It was on our first self-supported cycle tour through the World Heritage reserve of the Baviaanskloof that we first came across the humble but wonderful little Spekboom plant, a native resident to the Karoo region. Our vision is that these cycle tours can in their own way mirror the ways of this miraculous plant. Our tours are committed to enriching the lives of those around us and leaving the earth in a better state than we found it. Being a pioneer species, the Spekboom will provide a nursery and microclimate to a spectacular diversity of other plants that may have never grown there. Known for its uncanny ability to absorb large quantities of CO2 in the atmosphere and return nutrients to the soil, we look to this plant as a mitigator in our fight against climate change and other ravishes people have inflicted on this earth. Our ecological conscious tours endeavour to live up to the highest standards of sustainability, providing in-season, local vegetarian meals, as well as supporting conservation projects in the area and choosing to use eco-friendly accommodation where available.